An eco-friendly event

The company SPL Occitanie Events, organiser of the EnerGaïa Forum, is committed to an eco-responsible approach. It has been certified ISO 20121 by AFNOR since January 2021 for all its activities.

EnerGaïa, an eco-friendly event

As it is dedicated to renewable energy and the transition to a low-carbon world, Forum EnerGaïa has a duty to lead by example in terms of sustainable development. This is why Forum EnerGaïa is continuing to pursue the actions that it has implemented since 2017 and upholding its policy as an eco-friendly event.
  • A reduction in the consumption of energy, water and paper;
  • Limitation and control of waste generated by the organisation of the event (reduction, reuse and recycling of waste),
  • The promotion of green transport modes,
  • The introduction of locally-sourced and seasonal catering;
  • Initiatives to raise the awareness of partners and the public to environmental issues.

By adopting this approach, Forum EnerGaïa pursues the short-term aim of becoming an eco-friendly event.

Forum EnerGaïa policy

Local and responsible catering

  • Forum EnerGaïa undertakes to provide a locally sourced and seasonal food offering
  • In the food service area, no plastic bottles will be sold.
  • On takeaway areas selling plastic bottles, the plastic bottle tops will be collected.

Responsible communications

  • All communications materials are printed on recycled and recyclable paper by a company holding Imprim’Vert certification
  • Badge lanyards and badge holders will be collected for re-use at the 2021 edition
  • Promotion of our contractors and other sustainable contributors who work alongside us in our eco-responsible approach

Promotion of green transport

  • Provision of a parking area for two-wheelers
  • Improved wayfinding to the tram.
  • Improved connections between railway station, airport, tram and exhibition centre

Waste management

  • Improvement of waste sorting
  • Recovery of display banners by a recycler to make bags.


  • Use of LED light bulbs
  • Decoration with ornamental plants that can be replanted.
  • Implementation of dual flush systems in men’s, women’s and disabled toilets.
  • Use of ECOLABEL or ECOCERT* cleaners
ECOCERT Ecodetergent certification is awarded to products that comply with the three fundamental principles of the standard: protect our planet and its resources, protect and inform the consumer, reduce waste and unnecessary waste.

Good exhibitor practices

Let’s take action together for tomorrow’s world! Your responsible behaviour will support our eco-friendly approach.

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L’intégralité du Parc des Expositions répond aux normes d’accès pour les personnes à mobilités réduites (PMR).
Il est également possible de bénéficier d’un accès parking spécifique sur présentation de la carte d’invalidité.

Le Forum ouvrira ses portes les 8 et 9 décembre 2021, de 9h à 18 le mercredi et de 9h à 17h le jeudi

L’accès au Forum EnerGaïa est réservé aux professionnels. Gratuit, le badge est néanmoins obligatoire.

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