What’s new from the exhibitors


At EnerGaïa 2022, RatedPower will present its cloud-based software, pvDesign, which automates and optimizes the study, analysis, design, and engineering of photovoltaic plants. New features will be presented, such as the inclusion of battery storage. This is an important step that contributes to solving one of the big challenges of renewable energy: the intermittency of power generation. As a software solution, pvDesign is constantly developing, incorporating new features based on the feedback from its users. > Visit RatedPower in Hall B2 – A34
NOTUS Energy


NOTUS energy initiates, plans, builds and operates wind and solar farms since 2001. Managing all the stages in the process from planning to building farms, Notus energy also offers a range of general contracting services. At EnerGaïa 2022, the Notus energy teams will give visitors a glimpse of their ongoing projects. New wind and solar farms, more services thanks to new offices in Nantes and Montpellier, and a substantially expanded team at the Paris headquarters: Notus energy will be exhibiting at Forum EnerGaïa 2022 as a partner of choice to local authorities and landowners all over France. >Visit Notus Energy in Hall B2 – F14

ITS Fusion

ITS Fusion brings together 11 industrial firms established in the Hérault department: Brunet Ertia, Criballet, Delta Automatisme, Freeman Industrie, Galvadoc, HTM, Instadrone, Maintcontrol, MGL, MSI and Thalis Industries, which have joined forces to pool their expertise. With activities ranging across subcontracting, design and manufacture of special machines, new build works, industrial maintenance, and predictive control and maintenance, the complementarity of the know-how offered by ITS Fusion’s members enables them to respond to specific needs or conduct entire projects in the area of renewable energy. New at EnerGaïa 2022: a multi-technical maintenance offering. ITS Fusion offers control and maintenance 4.0 solutions for facilities and infrastructure thanks to cutting edge techniques such as vibration analysis, thermographic analysis, and drones. >Visit ITS Fusion in Hall B2 – A33

Elum energy

Specialising in energy monitoring and control solutions for hybrid solar power systems, Elum Energy will present its new product ePowerControl ES, a simple controller for complex energy storage solutions for microgrids. This is a plug-and-play controller that is easy to install thanks to eConf, Elum’s commissioning web interface. It is suitable for islanded microgrids, grid-tied applications, or mixed applications. >Vist Elum Energy in Hall B2 – C81

Kooi Security France

Specialising in temporary video surveillance Kooi Security France protects wind farm sites which are often susceptible to theft, intrusion and vandalism. To prevent these risks, the company has come up with UFO Pro, specially developed for large construction sites. Featuring three cameras that can be remotely fine-tuned, UFO Pro is an effective tool to protect worksite accommodation, storage areas and construction machinery. It is connected to the exclusive Kooi alarm centre. >Visit Kooi Security France in Hall B1 – C02

Afnor Energies

AFNOR Energies, the brand encompassing the services of the AFNOR group in the field of energy efficiency and low-carbon solutions, presents the label ‘Projet agrivoltaïque’ (agrivoltaic project). Delivered by its subsidiary AFNOR certification, this marker of recognition certifies that the installation of solar panels on farmland does not affect crops, and does not contribute to soil artificialisation. In short, the guarantee of positive impact on agricultural performance. >Visit AFNOR Energies in Hall B2 – B18


For the past three years, Agrosolutions has accompanied around 20 developers in designing their agrivoltaic projects. Its agronomic expertise and knowledge of farming specialities enables the company to place the farming project at the centre of its designs. Agrosolutions is currently working on a tool to assess the sustainability of agrivoltaic projects, which should be out very soon. >Visit Agrosolutions in Hall B1 – D02


At EnerGaïa 2022 HellermannTyton (a manufacturer of products for fastening, identifying and protecting cables, and connectivity solutions) will present its new automated cable tying system, CPK Hybrid. Faster than its predecessor and now battery operated, it allows users to bind cables in record time even in places without access to an electric socket. Ideal for attaching cables to PV panels in solar farms, for example! >Visit HellermannTyton in Hall B1 – E02


The Hong Kong-based firm Elioteknology will present its range of thermosiphon solar water heaters which now has nine models, either operating ‘blind’, with the smart iCuve system, or independently with a choice of five Titanium flat plate collectors ranging from 2 to 3 sqm. It will also present a range of thermodynamic water heaters from 100 to 300 litres and a new multi-function heat pump (reversible air source) for the home. Ultra-silent at less than 33dB, it offers an extremely quiet environment. > Visit Elioteknology in Hall B1 – E09


As a contributor to the energy transition of communities, Selection-EnR offers “generator” connected automated solutions to connect to the Enedis renewable power generation grid (photovoltaic, wind, bioenergy and hydraulic). At Forum EnerGaïa 2022, Selection EnR will present an automated solution dedicated to plants between 250 kW and 1 MWc connected to the medium voltage grid (20,000V) in interface with an operating data exchange system. And notably the system with “0” injection to promote the development of self-consumption on industrial sites. >Visit Selection-EnR in Hall B1 – F20


At EnerGaïa 2022 the fuse manufacturer DF ELECTRIC will present all its new solutions in fuse protection for solar PV farms working on 1500VDC and 800VAC. DF Electric will also present its new range of gBAT fuses to protect the batteries of off-grid sites and electricity storage up to 1500VDC. >Visit DF ELECTRIC in Hall B2 – A23

SMA France

The supplier of solar power equipment SMA France will present the SMA Storage Business, a highly flexible battery storage system for commercial and industrial applications. This new system offers modular expandability up to the MW range of power. Thanks to integrated energy management features, users can now contribute to new commercial models or connect their systems to PV/diesel hybrid applications. >Visit SMA France in Hall B1 – E04  

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